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Charlemagne Palestine

nomaade altaars

September 2020
During summer open on Saturday 13h00-18h00 or by appointment
Leopoldstraat 55 · 2000 Antwerp ·
nomaade altaars
nomaade altaars


Corridor is pleased to present the work of New Yorker sound, performance, and visual installation artist Charlemagne Palestine (b. 1947, Brooklyn, lives and works in Brussels).

His works take cues from dada, indigenous cultures, and ritualistic and spiritual practices more broadly. The artist has maintained a consistently provocative multidisciplinary practice since the late 1960s and is perhaps best known for his eccentric performances and sculptures that incorporate colorful clusters of stuffed animals and cloths of all colors and textures. Sometimes termed a minimalist sound composer who invokes repetition and duration, Palestine nevertheless sees himself more as a “maximalist.”

Palestine has collaborated with an extensive roster of poets, visual artists, and choreographers including experimental filmmaker Tony Conrad and performer and choreographer Simone Forti.

His work has been exhibited at Gavin Brown’s enterprise Rome (2019), 356 South Mission Road Los Angeles (2018), the Jewish Museum New York (2017), Kunsthalle Vienna (2015), the MoMA New York (2014) and documenta 8 Kassel (1987) among countless other institutions and exhibitions.